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Most men do not realize they are losing their hair until it’s too late. Male pattern baldness advances gradually, and its initial symptoms are very low-key. The thinning strands and the receding hairline may not concern you too much right now, but they will become impossible to neglect in just a few years. It is time to take action if you don’t want to lose the battle with hair loss and become completely bald.

What is FollicleRX?

It is an advanced treatment for hair loss with clinically proven results. Over 85% of the users have already benefitted from its hair regrowth effect, naturally free of any adverse side effects. There are several benefits to using these supplement pills, such as:

  • Relatively rapid cease to hair loss
  • Quick repair of damaged threads
  • Stronger, thicker hair
  • Improved follicle health
  • Baldness prevention
  • Long-term growth support

Discover a new and easy way to grow your hair without putting your health at risk. FollicleRX is an entirely organic formula that uses FDA-approved natural ingredients to fight off balding. Delay the aging process and reverse your receding hairline in just four months of treatment.

Why men fail to stop balding

Like most men, you probably have a deep-rooted conviction that you will never lose his crowning glory. Baldness is considered a sign of old age and irreparable damage to your good looks. Nobody does it intentionally, but all guys secretly hope that they will maintain their thick, luscious mane long into their retirement years.

Unfortunately, few men realize the dangers of hair loss and just how quickly it can take over their scalps. Because this medical condition takes years to become visible, most guys ignore its early symptoms like:

  • Thinning hair
  • Receding Hairline
  • Small bald spots
  • Scalp rashes

It is only after you find big clumps of hair on your brush or clogging the shower drain that you start suspecting something is wrong with your mane. By then, most of the follicles on your scalp are dead or unproductive, and the few threads still adorning your forehead are old and fragile. Without immediate and proper treatment, you risk losing more than 70% in the months that follow.

At this stage, you are tempted to rush into your doctor’s office asking for a miracle cure or an immediate hair transplant surgery. You are already losing your hair, so it is essential that you do not lose your patience as well.

Modern medicine has created safe and efficient hair regrowth treatments like FollicleRX, which guarantee an immediate stop to shedding and a gradual strengthening of your damaged threads. It is essential that you understand why hair loss happens and how you can use this natural remedy to defeat it for good.

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What makes you lose your hair?

Hair loss occurs for a wide variety of reasons. At first, it is difficult to determine the exact cause, but fortunately, FollicleRX can help you overcome almost any medical condition that makes your hairline receding. Here are the primary triggers for balding:

Male Pattern Baldness

As men grow old, their bodies produce less testosterone, which is the primary male hormone responsible for hair growth among others. Hormonal imbalance leads to significant changes in your body, and losing your precious threads is just one of them. You can witness the initial symptoms of male pattern baldness as bald spots that appear as early as your 30th birthday.

Alopecia Areata

FollicleRX cures alopecia areataThis medical condition results from an autoimmune disorder that may affect you at any point in your life. It starts with thinning hair and a steady receding hairline for both men and women. In its later stages, alopecia areata makes you lose large clumps of your mane. If it is left untreated, it will slowly but surely kill all your scalp follicles and cause hair regrowth virtually impossible.

Getting old

Balding is a natural event in the lives of many older adults. Aging is equivalent to the death of your cells, and your follicles are some of the first to lose their biological function. It is more common for men to lose their crowning glory by the time they reach 65, but recent medical research has revealed that the number of women suffering from hair loss increases every year.

Genetic inheritance

You cannot choose the genes you inherit. If you are unfortunate enough to receive the “baldness gene” from your parents or your ancestors, there is little you can do to prevent total hair loss. In this regard, the best strategy is to slow the shedding process and sustain your mane with highly nourishing treatments like FollicleRX.

Not enough nutrients in your diet

Hair loss may also be the result of a poorly conceived nutritional plan. Your health can suffer irreparable damage if your diet lacks necessary nutrients like vitamins, minerals and natural oils. Some of the first signs of nutrient deficiency will be thinning hair, bald patches, and a rapidly receding hairline.

Other illnesses

In extreme cases, balding may be the side effect of other illnesses. Chemotherapy treatments for cancer produce massive, but temporary hair loss. Also, you may experience thinning hair and scalp rashes as a result of thyroid disease, diabetes or brain tumors.

Why you need to prevent hair loss

Hair Loss can have various effects not only on you’re appearance but on your mental strength, self-esteem and general mood, as well. Most men who see their hairline receding and their threads thinning away become less confident, irascible and even anti-social.

The list of psychological distress caused by hair loss is almost endless, and it includes:

  • Depression Causes Hair LossSocial anxiety
  • Depression
  • Diminished life expectations
  • Emotional stress
  • Low self-esteem
  • Decreased libido
  • Asexuality

A full head of hair is associated with health, virility, and fertility. It is no surprise why balding has a devastating effect on both men and women that see their manes withering with each passing day.

To avoid the adverse side effects of hair loss, you need to start taking FollicleRX immediately. The most efficient hair regrowth treatment on the market revives your follicles and gets rid of the baldness threat. Long-term intake restores your natural thread production, boosts your mood and helps you see life from a more positive perspective.

How it works

Hair loss is a complicated process that may stretch for months and years in a row. In the same way, the shampoo takes time to bring your follicles to maximum hair production. Daily intake reestablishes hormonal balance naturally in just a few weeks. Next, it takes up to four months before you see new threads emerging from your scalp.

This remedy for balding consists of highly nourishing supplement pills that you need to take on a daily basis to ensure natural follicle rejuvenation. The way FollicleRX works can be deconstructed in three hair regrowth stages:

Stage 1: Intense shedding

The first few weeks of applicationt will see you lose more of your hair than usual. However, you should not be concerned, as this natural process gets rid of your old threads to make way for the new strands. Intense shedding is a clear signal that the remedy is reviving your follicles and that you are on the right way to healthy hair regrowth.

Stage 2: New hairs appear

New Hairs AppearAfter at least a month of daily intake, you will notice the first new hairs appearing on your scalp. They will initially look like tiny, dark dots that cover your bald spots or replenish your receding hairline. This is an optimistic sign that your body is responding well to the treatment.

Stage 3: Soft thread development

After a few months of regular treatment, you will notice the tiny dots developing into soft baby-like threads. They might seem fragile and a bit colorless at first, but they will eventually evolve into strong, dark strands.

It is essential to remember that hair regrowth does not end with the third stage of the treatment. Taking FollicleRX for an extended period provides you with darker and fuller threads naturally. Daily doses keep your follicles active and sustain your newly-strengthened roots to produce thick strands that will gradually cover all the bald spots on your scalp.

The natural formula behind the product

FollicleRX uses a unique blend of herbal extracts and organic acids to boost hair regrowth without causing any adverse side effects. Contrary to other remedies for baldness available today, these supplement pills rejuvenate your scalp follicles using only natural elements. Long-term use guarantees a gradual decrease in hair loss and sustained development for your mane. Here are the ingredients that compose the most efficient hair growth formula on the market:


Biotin, also known as vitamin B7 is a fatty acid that your body produces naturally to support the proper growth of your nails, skin, and hair. Balding starts when your body ages and diminishes its production of biotin. This biological fact is observable in old individuals who have thin hair, ridged nails, and damaged skin.

As you grow old, sustaining a high level of biotin in your body becomes more difficult with each passing year. Without the help of a dietary supplement that contains a significant amount of vitamin B7, you will soon suffer from balding symptoms like thinning, dry hair, colorless strands, and a quickly receding hairline.

Fortunately, FollicleRX can supply you with the necessary quantity of biotin to keep your hair healthy and shiny, regardless of how much you age. Through the natural boost of vitamin B7 provided by these supplement pills, you can cover the bald spots on your head and stop your hairline from receding.

Pantothenic acid

Another natural substance that is essential for the well-being of your hair is the pantothenic acid. Also known as vitamin B5, this solution is responsible for the luster and the thickness of your mane. Regular consumption of dietary supplements prevents your follicles from dying or your strands from losing their natural color.

FollicleRX natural ingredients

A low level of pantothenic acid may lead to early graying, scalp irritations and excessive dandruff. The good news is that you can avoid all these symptoms by taking it regularly. This remedy for baldness is one of the few hair regrowth treatments that combines vitamin B5 with essential herbal essences to guarantee complete protection of your scalp.

Horsetail extract

This natural essence is extracted from Equisetum, a plant native to North America that also grows in Europe and North Asia. It has been used in alternative medicine for centuries to treat balding symptoms like thinning hair, barren spots and graying.

Horsetail extract contains significant amounts of selenium and silica, two minerals that boost follicle thread production and put an immediate stop to a receding hairline. Furthermore, this organically sourced substance increase the level of iodine in your body, which is another element with essential hair regrowth properties.

FollicleRX uses a significant amount of horsetail extract in combination with other organic ingredients and vitamins to ensure a natural restoration of your youthful mane. Daily intake of these supplement pills reduces hair loss and promotes intense follicle activity.

Para-Aminobenzoic acid

Medically referred to as PABA, this substance is obtained through a safe and organic process that maintains its hair growth properties. It is a common ingredient of cosmetic treatments due to its antiseptic properties that enhance your body’s immunity to free radicals.

As part of the shampoo, the Para-Aminobenzoic acid protects your scalp follicles against possible infections. It also boosts hair production and ensures that your threads grow from strong, reliable roots. As a result of regular treatment, your newly-grown strands will break less quickly and you will grow a thicker, fuller mane with minimum effort.

FollicleRX side effects and precautions

Since its release, it has been used worldwide by individuals of various ages and cultural backgrounds who want to defeat hair loss. None of these users have experienced or confirmed any adverse effects produced by this remedy for baldness. On the contrary, the quick and efficient action of the supplement pills has been praised an excellently rated by over 97% of consumers.

Happy with FollicleRX

FollicleRX is so effective that even doctors and dermatologists endorse it. An exclusive medical study performed on users over a 6-months treatment period revealed the following results:

  • 85% fewer fallen threads
  • 72% increase in hair growth
  • 95% color enhancement
  • 78% less dandruff
  • 90% increase in hair thickness
  • 44% fewer bald spots
  • 56% fewer scalp irritations

These results vary depending on the consumer’s age, lifestyle and medical record. However, they prove that FollicleRX boosts hair regrowth and sustains a healthy development of new threads while diminishing the bothersome symptoms of balding.

Due to its entirely natural composition, it poses a minuscule risk to your health. Nevertheless, as it is the case with all hair growth supplements, you should first check the label for possible allergens before starting the treatment.

FollicleRx reviews from South Africa hair loss survivors

It is currently considered the no.1 treatment for hair regrowth on the market. Its quick and reliable effect on balding patients has convinced many users to share their experiences with these supplement pills for hair loss. Here is what some of them had to say:

“I lost most of my hair to alopecia areata before I even turned 35. I thought that I would remain bald for the rest of my life, but FollicleRX helped me overcome the illness. In just a few months I gained back most of my lost threads, and new ones are growing as we speak.”

Junior M. 36 (Cape Town)

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“After turning 60, I noticed that my thinning hair was already losing the battle with old age and very soon bald spots appeared on my head. Fortunately, my dermatologist recommended FollicleRX to me and I started using it immediately. I have been taken the pills for over a year now, and the results are showing. I have no more bald patches, and I have enough hair to look younger and healthier.”

Bandile, 61 (Durban)

“Before FollicleRX I had lost all hope. My hairline was receding every month, and every year seemed like I was balder and balder. I became depressed, and I had low confidence. Then, I discovered these pills and discovered their power. Now, my hair is back to normal and growing stronger than ever before. Thank you!”

Lethabo, 40 (Pretoria)

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Do not let old age or medical conditions affect your scalp! Start taking it to prevent and stop all hair loss symptoms. Help your new strands grow stronger and from deeper roots with this organic, highly-nourishing formula.

FollicleRX price in South Africa

Currently there are a few offers available. Based on the number of purchased bottles, it starts at 700 Rands/bottle, when you just buy a single-item. Here’s the full overview:

  • 1 bottle = 700 Rands
  • 3 bottles = 1,650 Rands (550 Rands/bottle)
  • 5 bottles = 2,000 Rands (400 Rands/bottle) – BEST PRICE

Where to buy FollicleRX in South Africa?

If you check online availability, you will notice it may come from several sources. However, the producer has a strict policy regarding purchasing original products: the only 100% guaranteed original FollicleRx can be acquired from the producer’s website. Simple and efficient, right?

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