How it works

FollicleRX How it works

FollicleRX is a highly effective supplement pill for hair loss. It is an easy-to-take treatment that helps you grow a fuller and thicker mane in less than four months. There are several benefits of using this remedy for balding, such as:

  • It increases hair production
  • It repairs damaged hair
  • It restores your receding hairline
  • It covers bald spots
  • It gets rid of dandruff and scalp irritations

If you are looking to revive your thinning, discolored hair, you cannot do better than FollicleRX. Clinical studies and user reviews have already confirmed its powerful effect against hair loss. Read on to find out how it works and how quickly it can turn your balding scalp into a full head of curly threads!

A natural boost for hair growth

Hair loss is a natural process that occurs as a result of aging and medical conditions in both men and women. It has the same symptoms for everybody, but few people discover them before it’s too late. Some of the early signs of balding include:

  • Massive shedding
  • Discolored, thin hair
  • A steady receding hairline
  • Small bald patches
  • Scalp rashes

If you fail to combat these symptoms in their early stages, you will be looking at a long and hard battle against balding. Fortunately, you can fight off this natural process with an equally organic remedy. FollicleRX is the only treatment for hair loss on the market that uses only natural ingredients that have been clinically proven to stop shedding. Regular and long-term use of these supplement pills prevents baldness and sustains healthy hair regrowth.

Does it work?

Before you start taking FollicleRX, you need to understand that this is not a miracle pill. Your hair will not grow back overnight, and it will take several months before you can see the next threads emerging from under your skin. Just like balding is a long, natural process, so is hair regrowth through this revolutionary formula, which has three stages of development:

Stage 1: Intense shedding

During the first few weeks of FollicleRX treatment, you will notice more hair on your brush, your pillows or even clogging the shower drain. These events are natural, and they should not frighten you. It is a regeneration phase that your body is going through as a response to the remedy. Simply put, the old threads are pushed out and eliminated to make way for the new strands.

Stage 2: New hairs appear

The new threads will appear on your scalp after at least one month of consistent treatment. At first, they look like tiny, dark dots that replenish the receding hairline. This is a signal that the remedy is working and that you are going through a successful process of hair regrowth.

Stage 3: Soft thread development

Between four and six months into the treatment, you will notice the tiny dots growing into soft, baby-like strands. In some cases, these threads appear colorless or easily breakable, but they will gradually develop into thick, strong hairs covering every bald spot on your scalp.

These three stages have been observed during medical research and in user experiences as well. They represent a natural process of hair regrowth and a definitive proof that FollicleRX repairs damaged hair and prevent balding.

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