FollicleRX Ingredients

FollicleRX Ingredients

FollicleRX is a revolutionary formula for hair regrowth. It consists of supplement pills packed with nourishing ingredients extracted from natural sources only. This remedy for baldness uses organic acids, vitamins, and herbal extracts to revive your scalp follicles and boost the production of new threads. Here are the elements that put a stop to hair loss and help you restore your luscious, thick mane:


Your body produces biotin naturally to support the well-being of your hair, nails, and skin. This substance is, in fact, a fatty acid also known as vitamin B7, which is a critical compound in the development of new threads on your scalp. Unfortunately, the aging process destroys your ability to create enough biotin to keep your full mane long into the retirement age.

To combat the side effects of old age and gradual biotin depletion, you need to supplement your body with a high amount of vitamin B7. Such a significant quantity can only be found in nourishing remedies for hair loss like FollicleRX. These pills contain enough biotin to stop your hairline from receding and help you grow new threads from rejuvenated follicles.

Pantothenic acid

The pantothenic acid is also known as vitamin B5 and a part of the vitamin B complex that is essential for the development of new threads. This substance dictates the thickness and the luster of your mane. Its absence becomes visible when your hair grows thin and dry, or when you lose many strands while brushing.

You can increase the levels of pantothenic acid in your body with FollicleRX. This remedy for hair loss offers an instant boost of vitamin B5 that prevents your strands from losing their natural color. Regular intake also solves common issues like scalp rashes and dandruff.

Horsetail extract

Equisetum, or commonly known as horsetail is a plant that grows mainly in North Europe and North America. This grass-like herb is a traditional cure for balding and graying hair that has been used in alternative medicine for many years.

Horsetail extract is beneficial for hair growth due to its high concentration of silica and selenium. Both of these minerals are vital for the health of your follicles and their production of new strands. Daily intake increases the level of iodine in your body, which acts as a natural fuel for your recently grown threads.

FollicleRX for hair health contains a significant dose of horsetail extract to fight off the symptoms of aging and boost your chances of growing full, thick hair undeterred by the passing years. Long-term use of this treatment prevents your hairline from receding and keeps your follicles adequately nourished.

Para-Aminobenzoic acid

The Para-Aminobenzoic acid is an organic substance that holds essential hair regrowth properties. Its leading role is to protect the scalp cells against infections and to increase the efficiency of the other elements in FollicleRX.

Also known as PABA, this antiseptic solution protects the follicles against free radicals and helps newly-formed threads develop correctly. Long-term use sustains hair regrowth and it increases your immunity against medical conditions that might affect your scalp.

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